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WOYWW 278 and Full Run-Down……

Posted on October 1, 2014

Mornage to all…. …and welcome to me second post-birthday bit of bloggage, live from here at Douglass Towers.  Have you noticed how ble-din dark it has become these mornings?? …Hellish dark methinks, which is a total drag, ‘cos early morning has always been my favourite time of the day…..Not now, though, as you get up in the dark……and got to bed in the dark, with an ever decreasing portion of daylight spinning in between.  Even those pesky Monster Springers are finding it hard to get up to speed first thing, with their sudden bursts of energy, quickly dwindling away to perfect canine slumber….And all before 7am!  Anyway,…

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Yeshhh!…I’m Bacckkkkgggg.

Posted on September 30, 2014

Mornin’ all! Yesh, its been a bit of a fraught week, as yours truly had to have an emergency op on the old gob last monday, which involved the removing of two wisdom teeth….One daed easy, but the other had managed to bury itself into me cheek and had bursted a nasty little number, which went poisonous….yughhhhh!   I won’t be boring you , or decribing the various colours and textures that went on ( which incidentally will be made into a brand new paint collection)….Enough to say that the offending item is now long gone and the gob is beginning to feel normal once again.  One thing I noticed was the age of the surgeon.  There I…

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“It’s Alive!”….

Posted on September 17, 2014

Yes folks…. Just a quickie to let you know that the gallery featuring Sheena’s Brand New ‘A Little Bit Magical’ stamp sets is now up and live, so fill your boots. Bye for…

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WOYWW 276 and More Peeks….

Posted on

Morning all. Wednesday is here…..It is here……Oh yes wed-nes-day izzzz heeeeerrrrrrrr! Get the impression that wednesday is upon us once more then??  Here at Douglass Towers, I have been up and at it since around 6.15, and man is it dark at that time of the morning.  It should be made law that it has to get light at around 5am ish, in my humble opinion, as once these dark grey mornings begin to hit, it takes a lot more to get going.  The Springers, however, have no problems in the motivation department.  Oh no!….The two little bug-ers were all ready with manic waggy tails, as soon as I stepped through the door.  If I could…

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Luminus Sneakus Peekery….2

Posted on September 16, 2014

Greetings all…. ….and a warm welcome to everyone.  A gentle breeze is wafting gently through the old office window this afternoon, which has given me the most wonderful feeling of tranquility…..And no!….I haven’t had any coffee today.  No, what I mean is that there is something rather nice about an early autumn afternoon, with the slightlest glow coming from the sun.  Cosy….memory invoking, and peaceful……Ahhhhhhh Bisto!!!!!  However, I have a job to do, so get all of these thoughts well and truly out of your mind, and concentrate on the job at hand……This weeks new launch from The Boss.  The Inkoid samples ahve…

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The Peeks Are Here…

Posted on September 15, 2014

Af’noon all. So the weekend came……and went like the usual customary wind, and you find moi knee deep…nay, dear readers,  shoulder deep in work.  You should see the stuff that has turned up at Douglass Towers over the last few days.  Some work related…others kitchen relataed, and some…well I don’t know what related, but all I can say is that the garage is well and truly on its way to being full…..Again!  I am seriously thinking of getting a 40,000 ft warehouse and moving all the stuff there……Erm except that there still would’nt be enough room….I think the blo-dy stuff just multiplies during the night, ‘cos there’s…

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All Creatures Great And Small…….

Posted on September 12, 2014

Morning all! Well I just had to give our two Monster Springers and extra hug today, after waking up to the tragic news of the Manchester Dogs Home ARSON!!! attack…..Yes Arson was the cause.  What is wrong with these sad evil people, who can pick on innocent loving creatures as a source of getting their jollies.  I am a peaceful being, but so help me, I really would be unable to keep my hands off anyone hurting an animal…..or person for that matter.  These little creatures have probably already suffered by our hand , but to be put through such a terrifying ordeal………Words just fail me.  As you know, we have had little pals…

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Lizard Free Zone…and WOYWW 275

Posted on September 10, 2014

Mornig all oot there. Yes it is I….Once again returned from the wilderness that we all know as Douglass Towers.  Not that it is much of a wilderness at the moment, but I am happy to tell you that it is a completely lizard free zone, as our Kimonos arrived and our Kimodos have gone….I won’t be making that mistake again!!…..Er well actually I did…sort of.  No! don’t worry, we haven’t been locked away out of the reach and gob of even more exotic beasties.  No, what happened is that I saw this ad about a knitting kit for dogs. ‘Get your Knitting kit for dogs in time for Christmas’ it said. “Mmmmm…interesting” I thought. …

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Posted on August 15, 2014

KIMONO!!!!…..Blo-dy KIMONO???…… ……That is the very last time that I will listen to anyone on the telly, because as of about ten hours ago, we at Douglass Towers have been locked in the Panic Room, previously known as Mission Control, whilst a couple of Giant KOMODO Dragons are pacing outside the door. Ok, Ok…Control and deep breaths…… It all started on tuesday, when I read an article in the paper about how kimonos were very popular as a relaxation garment….being very confortable to wear.  So, to that end, I searched the net and came up with a place that would send me out a couple, which would arrive on thursday…

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NANU NANU To The Wonderful Robin Williams And WOYWW 271

Posted on August 13, 2014

Afternoon All. It has seriously taken me all day to think of how to come up with anything to say about Robin Williams.  We were both about to leave early yesterday morning, when we heard the so sad news, and I still can’t believe it.  OK, i’m no longer a kid myself, but he seems to have been around for most of my life….and now yet another one who has gone far too early.  The worst part of it is that he did not suffer at the hands of a serious disease…..or crime.  No, what seems to have taken him away, is a deep deep depression.  How can someone who gave so much happiness and laughter succumb to something which seemd to be the…

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