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What’s Been Going On In Sheenaworld

Posted on November 19, 2014

Mornage all…

…and yes I know that I have been neglecting my bloggery duties once again, but honestly……November the 18th ????….Where the he…..???  Anyway, what an action packed couple of weeks we have been through. The highlight, however, was the very bitter sweet visit to Northern France, and the grave of my Great Uncle Robert, who was killed in action on the 7th of November 1918, during the final days of WW1.  It has taken two, no three generations to finally find out where he lies, and on that slightly overcast morning…96 years to the very day…even possibly to the minute when he was killed, there we stood in our own private emotional piece of France.  I just stood and stared.


How sad to see all of those lads lying so far away from home.


The cemetary itself, was exactly the same as all of the hundreds that sweep across the northern countryside….absolutely immaculate in every detail.  This one was fairly small, with a total of around 300 British and German graves, but as we visited around the area, you could see some that totally encapsulated the whole of your vision.  All perfectly kept in their almost rank like lines.

All of the cemetaries have their own Register, so that you can write a message and leave something in the book,….


…as well an identical stone lintels built into the walls….


…with a message from the people of France in honour of those who fell during the war.

I could have sat for ages taking it all in….Talk about standing on the shoulders of giants.

The day had started by driving from Calais with the intention of arriving between the hours of 10am and 3.30pm.  These were the times that I had managed to find, when Robert was in his final actions.  He was killed during the capture of Limont Fontaine, a very small village that had apparently been held by the Germans for most of the war….


…and bore some of the scenes that he must have seen, including the church which was at the top of these stone steps.


Some of the buildings were definitely of the peroid, with several bearing shrapnel and bullet damage even now.  How different it must have been all those years ago, with the noise of battle echoing from all directions.  The only noise that could be heard when we were there, was the sound of young children from a nearby school.

Our guest house was absolutely beautiful, and very near to all of the places that we wanted to visit, and I will be showing you the whole French Farm experience in the next blog on friday, as there is just too much for one entry.  You will love it though.

OK, from one country to another, and the visit to Bonny Scotland for this years Christmas workshop in Perth.  Christmas???…Already??  Well we normally try to get Perth in first, as the weather begins to turn, and there is the likelihood of The Boss and I being stranded in the Highlands and not able to get back.


We always have a blast up there, mind, with Wor Gill being Sheena’s crafty elfy helper, ably assisted this time by her car full of crafters.  We had one or two new faces, who really didn’t know what they were about to witness, but Sheena was on extra special form, and the day went with a bang.  A visit by some dodgy snowman, singing ‘Walking in the Air’, did nothing to dampen the proceedings, and when the clock hit 4pm, everyone left with a smile on their faces….Mind you, it could have been blind panic as well.

So on we head to this weekends venue in Milton Keynes.  Another full house beckons, as well as the odd visit from an Inkoid or two.  Then its onward to Port Sunlight for the 29th before we have a couple of weeks before the season finale Christmas Party Workshop at The Ravensworth up here in the frozen north.

Reet, once again the time has beaten me, and I have to fly.  I have some stock to collect from the warehouse for this weeks gig, and really need to get out there and finish me Christmas Shopping.  Talk about organised!!…We just have two more to buy for and we are done……I must count them up, though, ‘cos it has all gone too well.

See you on friday with more pics from our French visit…..plenty of furry pals on the cards…

Bye for now

Gopher (Le (or is it La?))


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