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Thursdays Sneakies…..

Posted on October 30, 2014

Evening all….


…and welcome to thurdays bit of bloggage.  It’ll be a bit of a quickie today, as I have fallen truly well behind with loads of work today, so guess who’ll be up all night with the sound of metal flowing, nay blasting through the old lugs, in the vain attempt at keeping the old peepers open……Got it in one!!!

Anyway, how about I head straight into todays samples, all coming curtesy of our hero, who has been cranking up the arty volume over the last few days.  I gotta say, as usual, that these pics are no where near what these things look like in the paint, but they give an idea of what is possible with these paint sets….

…so here goes…


…with this bit of arty bling.  I kid you not, that gold foil is the best I have ever seen….You would think that it was liquid gold on the board.  Check out that vibrant almost fire like background….Not bad for a beginner ( but don’t tell The Boss I said so)

Change of colour now…..


…with this almost Scandinavian-esque bit of wall art.  Once again the gold foil has been used to highlight just the smallest detail.  You definitely don’t need a lot to create a fantastic effect.

Next we have a bit of flora in the form of this new stamp.


Now this definitely doesn’t look like it does for real.  It is so bright, with those water droplet type effects really popping from the canvas.  Very simple, though, but beautiful for a wall.

Lastly for today….


…I have this.  I just think that this is exquisite.  It is so poppy like, which is very of the moment, as we approach Rememberance Day, but is in fact a totally made up bloom from the head of……The Boss.  It could be anything, but in my mind it is a poppy.  Once again, the detail has been enhanced with some of the gold foil, which totally finishes it off.

And there we have it…todays set of sneakies.  I will be back tomorrow, once our hero has headed off down to C&C, with the final lot of peeks and a little look at the give-away for the shows….A quick clue???…Think of Zen…..and Tangle……Ah haaaah!

Bye for now

Gopher ( Zen Master )


  • Christine October 31st, 2014 9:43 pm

    Wow, these sneaky peeks are certainly whetting the appetite! Gorgeous works of art and that last one ‘poppy’ looks to me like a primula, it is just stunning – I love it.