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Mid-Week Madness And Some Peeks

Posted on October 29, 2014

Greetings Craft-Pickers….

…Can you guess what i’ve been listening to over the last few days……Some old Alan Freeman radio shows…….Absolutely fantastic.  Bit of a hero, Wor Alan, who guided me through my world of music when I was a nipper…and in turn has been with me this past week or so, whilst getting all sorts of things ready for The Boss and her brand new Weekender, which launches this saturday morning.

You should see the artwork and cards that have been hitting the doormat since monday….They are stunning.  I don’t know why I am so surprised these days, as The Inkoids are second to non in their skill and imagination when nit comes to samples.  Even yours truly will be having a crack at some artage, and hope to have a little giveaway ready in time for Sheena to pack on friday……Fingers crossed, mind, ‘cos we are now on the cusp of November, and I don’t seem to have turned around yet…..and even if I had, I would most probably get dizzie and fall over.  It’s shaping up to be a manic year end, what with shows, workshops and drawing, mixed with the odd meal.  Talking of the odd meal, I thought that you might like to know that I have just gone crashing through the one and a half stone barrier on me new non-gruel diet.  All done without the aid of a net…and without the aid of me now famous Gruel Surprise.  Plenty of walking and Wii-ing ( Stop it!!), and getting up at the crack of dawn, with this outside the window,  you can’t beat it…..Britain, beautiful Britain.


So what is going on in  Sheena World just now??  Well, we have this launch at the weekend, featuring the return of Pebeo….and what a return!  Specially selected kits, which include the most eye catching gold foily type stuff you will ever see.  So easy to apply, but the end result is simply amazing.  Beginning at 9am, Sheena will be showing dozens of techniques and effects, throughout the whole weekend, ably assisted by the wonderous samples from her DT.  More of that in a mo……

Then, next week, we are setting off on a rather sad, but at the same time valiant few days in Northern Francs.  My Great Uncle, Robert Hopper, was in the Durham Light Infantry during the latter stages of the First World War, fighting in the area of Northern France and the Belgian border.  He was killed in action on the 7th of November 1918….merely four days before the end of the war.  My late Granda always wanted to find where he was laid to rest, and in turn my Mam always regretted not finding where he was.  Well I have the honour of visiting his place of rest, next friday…on the anniversary of his death, along with my cousin’s son, Jimmy.  The internet is a wonderful thing.  Yes it can be a pain at times, but the wealth of knowledge that can be found now is simply staggering.  It took only minutes to locate sites and even hand written records of his final hours, from his commanding officers…. So there we will be….early next friday morning, with a small handful of his village soil in hand, and so very proud that at last, some of the family have managed to be so close after all of these years……So sad!!

Reet, on to happier times, and after our short visit to Francs, it’s onward and upward towards this years Christmas Workshop Tour, which kicks off on Sunday 16th of November in Bonny Perth in Scotland.  A full house will be put through their crafty paces by The Boss and the new AquaTints, during a full day of crafting fun and festive frolics……Frolics???….wasn’t that an old dog food or summat??  I could actually do with a bit of energy meself, so might just find a box.  Trouble is if I see somebody throwing a stick, i’ll be off, so maybe i’ll just stick to tea and co……c..c…coff….See! I can’t even say the blo-dy word now.

Anyway, enough of what is coming up in a few weeks, and on to this weekend, and the launch of some new stamps…ANNNNNND…some new goodies from our friends at Pebeo.

Check out these samples, to see what can be done by applying these paints….Talk about art!  I will feature arty bits today and tomorrow, before heading in the card direction on friday, with a full Gallery up and running by the launch show on Saturday…How does that sound??

OK, here goes……..


…Remember, that these pics simply don’t do any justice at all to these fantastic artworks, but hopefully you will get to see them in all of their glory at the weekend.  So here we have another masterpiece from Inkoid-In-Chief, Wor Donna.  Talk about watery blue…This just sings out summer rockpools and blue skies.  All done with pastes and colour….Watch the shows for demos like this, and just picture what you can do whilst playing with these sets….


Next we have this cracker from Mandy.  How beautiful does this tag look??  Filled with flodded colour and delicately pulled together with the aid of some white ribbon….


…Just look at how the paint has blended and ‘enamelled’ up to create this really colourful tag…I Love these paints.

Finally for todays sneakies, have a butchers at this from another long standing Inkoid, Diane.  This mirror, from a well known Swedish store, encapsulates all that is 70s about these patterned and shaped stamps…


…Again, the brightness of colour does not show up in this pic, but “Wow!”….I love this.

As you can see, The Boss has had a little bit of a change of direction with these new sets.  How different are they, though??…with plenty of scope to sculpt some truly funky wall art and home decor.

Awlrightythen….the show times for the weekend are…

SATURDAY  1st November 2014…….9am,12noon and 6pm

SUNDAY 2nd NOVEMBER 2014……11am,2pm and 7pm

…so six shows in all. full of eastern, or at least North Eastern promise :-).

Reet, time for the off to have another listen to Fluff Freemen and some cool oldies….Back tomorrow….”Not ‘arf!”

Gopher (The Afro sporting)


  • Lynda October 30th, 2014 9:27 am

    Looks good recorder already set. Congrats on the weight loss. All wars stink, but we keep on having them. Seems the human race never learns.

  • Hils Newton October 30th, 2014 11:42 am

    Nice to hear from you, Goph!
    Congratulations on sticking to the regime, tough but so
    worth it in the end.
    Looking forward to the weekend shows…looks like my kind of playing.
    Thank you to both of you,
    Hilary x