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Busy Wednesday Beckons

Posted on October 8, 2014

Morning ( Actually it’s about 6.15am) all

So here we are half way through yet another busy week at Douglass Towers.  Things are beginning to ramp up towards the festive season, with The Boss deeply in thought regarding the featured projects and bits that you will play with on the Workshop days, next month and December.  I don’t think that it will be a surprise if I tell you that the AquaTints will be heavily featured, so to that end, we will be holding a meeting later today to start bulding up kits and all the usual goodies that go with one of her workshops……and that WILL include this years special guest, be it Santa, Bad Elf (don’t ask) or someone sent in their place…..who knows?  I have already been on the blower to the North Pole, asking about a special guest appearance, so we’ll see what happens on the day.  Talking of guest appearances, anyone who is coming along for one of the Christmas Party Workshops will hopefully notice someone is a tad different……It’s Moi!!  Yes folks, after hours of ceasless dieting, I have just blasted through the 9lb barrier, and well on the way to my Festive target.  The multi-gym is all but accesible now, so a bit of iron-pumping is on the cards…..No, not ironing, as in flattening some shirts….Iron-pumping….As in Arnie…You know…the”i’ll be back” Terminator gadgie.  That is after I complete all of me jobs…..Decorating, cooking, reconstructing Mission Control’s storage room, cooking, ironing, cooking and looking after the best interests of The Monster Springers…..Oh yes and a bit of cooking.

Anyway, as we have one almighty busy day on our hands, I was up at the crack of 5.45 this morning, getting the storeroom emptied of all…..erm, well stored stuff I guess.  The last year has seen a massive increase in both products and samples, as The Inkoids got well and truly into gear, ramping up the quota tenfold.  So the answer is to remove all of the shelving from the room, and replace with large stacking boxes, which will be able to hold several sets of samples instead of a single box for every set or collection.  The older samples are going to be placed into an off-site storage nearby, leaving oodles of space…… fill up again.  It’s been a fun exercise though, looking at boxes of samples from well over five years ago……How styles and products have changed.

One good thing about being up so early was this……


The magnificent sunrise over the valley.  There is something cosy about a chilly autumn morning, especially when the sun is rising.  The whole day is ahead……Hell-fire……The whole day is ahead???….and I was up at 5.30???…What the hell was I thinking about?

All of this activity has finally pushed Sheena into a rather slightly fresher direction of late, with the addition of Beading being added to her repertiore.  I think that being involved so much with papercrafting and artwork, meant that something new was needed to kind of wind down in the evening.  So after watching a show or two on the tv, she decided to have a go at making some jewellery…..with these being her first couple of outings…..


…firstly with this vision in blue….



…this one, being abit greenie…..and rosy.

Both bracelets have a solid silver vintage button, which Sheena manged to trace from the internet, which certainly adds to the design.  The green and rose coloured one features some beautiful beads given to her by the lovely Sarah Millsop from Beads Direct, who Sheena knows from way back and through her association with Beaders Companion.

…Pretty cool eh? (ANNNND it keeps her quiet when the telly is one, but don’t say I said so)  I must send for a dozen or more kits for when the footy starts again :-).  She has currently at least another two started, but underestimated the amount of beads needed to finish them off, so guess where yours truly will be heading later today…..Thats right readers……The bead shop……The Gopher……in a ble-din bead shop!….For the second time in two days!!…..It’s just not done. Orders are orders, however, so at the risk of having me candles cut off ( Not a Euphemism)…a beading I will be going this afternoon…..Yayyyy.

Back to the workshop prep, and the hope is that I can have all of the required elements sorted by the weekend, so that the kits can be started, and the regular artic load of accessories can be put together by the end of next week.

Now then, The Boss tells me that we are headed for The Cotswolds next weekend, for an appearence and demo session.  More of that on friday.  Talking of friday, and more importantly, The old ‘Friday Flix’ feature.  We have just had notice that Superfast broadband will be launched here on the 14th of December.   At Last!!!  So from the new year……NEW YEAR!!!!  it seems like only ten months ago that the last one was here.  So, from the new year, we will hopefully be up and running with a vid every friday….Hurrah!!..Sounds good to me, ‘cos this slow speed thing is definitely getting worse.  There is a go-slow almost all of the time, with any uploading being done overnight ( if it works at all) because if we upload during the day, the system comes to a halt for everything else, which is why we are sometimes a tad behind with mail replies……From January, though…….whoaaa!

Okey Dokey….that is me again for today.  I will be out and about tomorrow, but rest assured, you are not safe this week, just yet, as I will return…in full voice, on friday, with details of Sheena’s Cotswold visit and my friday words of wisdom.


Bye for now


Gopher (The)


  • Gemma October 9th, 2014 9:54 am

    Well done for the 9lb weight loss Gopher! I had lost exactly the same amount when I got on the scales yesterday – we can have a special 9lb club! :O)
    My Aqua Tints, stamps and stencils are going to be delivered today – whoop whoop! Play time!!!
    Sheena’s jewellery looks fabulous, I hope you had fun at the bead shop!

  • Anne May October 9th, 2014 11:02 am

    I am lucky enough to be joining you at Tortworth next weekend can’t wait!! Anne x

  • Mary Ellison October 9th, 2014 4:07 pm

    Well done on the weight loss, pity I wouldn’t be able to see the new you in December but this year celebrating Christmas in Thailand, Love reading your blog really cheers me up especially on such a cold day as it is here near Liverpool. Loving Sheena’s new brackets too.

  • kelly October 20th, 2014 10:33 am

    Hi when will the next blog be? Xx