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A Mighty Fine Weekend…..Not The Weather Though

Posted on October 6, 2014

Morning Campers.

Campers!!!??…..You must be mad if you’ve decided to have a day out under canvass with this lot going on.  Tor-ential it is here at Douglass Towers, with both moi and The Monster Springers being completely confined to base.  The Boss gets back later today after her fantastic marathon Weekender, which seemed to go rather well methinks, so a huge “Thank You” to everyone who got involved.  Those paints are amazing, so if you were lucky enough to get them, you will have a blast creating all those effects.  As for that lantern…..I dunno what happened to it.  Did someone get it in the draw??  I did’nt hear it being mentioned…..Whose voice am I hearing… it me?…or is it me?

Anyway, since yesterday, I have had a bit of an influx of requests for both the ‘Fleather’ vids and details of the Christmas Party workshops in November and December, so here goes…….

….Starting with the Workshop dates and details……Prices are per head.


SUNDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2014…..Queens Hotel, Perth, Scotland…..9.30am – 4pm…..£85 which includes buffet lunch, refreshments and all materials used……2 places available

SUNDAY 23rd November 2014…..Milton Keynes……9.30am-4pm……£70 which includes all materials used plus plenty of treats and refreshments.   Packed lunch recommended……1 place left

SATURDAY 29th November 2014….Port Sunlight, Merseyside……..£70 which includes all materials used plus refreshments and treats…Packed lunch recommended….2 places left

SUNDAY 14th December 2014….Ravensworth Arms, Gateshead….9.30am-4.30pm….£80, which includes breakfast, buffet lunch, refreshments and all materials used.   1 place left

The projects have yet to be worked out, but they usually include at leat three fully completed items, as well as plenty of demos and tips.  A shop will be on site, with all those special workshop prices, but at this point we can only take cash or cheques as payment…..Unless arranged with Da Management :-).

A deposit of £30 is required on confirmation of your place with the balance being due no later than two weeks before the workshop.

If you fancy hopping onto Sheena’s Christmas Party Workshop train ( eughhh!…why did I feel I needed to say that?)  drop us a line at, and one of the team will get back to you with full details and booking confirmation.


Reet, as far as the Fleather vids are concerned, here are the links to take you there………..


PART ONE…….Creating the ‘Fleather’….17 mins

PART TWO…..Inserting the pages and finishing off…..37 mins

…So grab a cuppa in your favourite mug and sit doon for an hour and see how to create some fantastic pressies, then pop over to the gallery for loads of Fleathery inspiration….

OK, so once Sheena is finally back and ensconced in Mission control, it is a full week of drawing and testing.  The hatches will be firmy battened down once again, if outside at this very moment is anything to go by.  We are having some new equipment installed into the studio bit, so a bit of a mess is not entirely out of the question…….

….Tell you what, the temperature feels like its dropping like the proverbial stone, as I am sitting here in me office ble-din freezing me digits off.  Time to crank up the heating just in time for the Prodigals return.  I might even have to dig oot me bright fizzy green jumper, with contrasting red with brown reindeer motif fleecy pants… and those who have experienced the Christmas workshops can testify to my intense colour palette….and apparel…..


….as can be seen from this recent fashion shoot…..Oooooh I do love a good Christmas Workshop.

Well thats really just about it for today.  We are having yet another prob with our emails today.  They are appearing on my ipad, but not on the main PCs, which means that it will take ages to reply or acknowledge….so if you are waiting for a reply to your mail….please take pity and be patient until we can get it sorted……..I had enough abuse last week ;-).

Roll on Superfast I say!!!

Back on wednesday with what going on…….

Bye for now


Gopher (The)



  • astrid keen October 6th, 2014 2:11 pm

    hi to one and all just to say i did mange to watch one of the shows new puppy arrived on sat ssp 10wks old black white name maisie did order the products hoping to play when i can bye for now minnie megan and maisie keen

  • Sheena Douglass October 6th, 2014 5:31 pm


    …a new puppy!!!??? Gotta see Gotta see. So you are back up to three again. I bet Maisie is the star of the show just now, and gets all the attention…..Want another one :-). I would love to see some pics if you have any. Minnie, Megan and Maisie…….Beautiful. Well done Astrid.

    Bye for now


  • Karen P October 6th, 2014 6:02 pm

    Fab shows and gorgeous new products – thank you for all your hard work and sharing all the fabulous inspirations with us Sheena & Russ!
    The new stamps are on their way and will ask for stencils and ink for Christmas presents from my family, they just don’t know it yet lol!
    Hope you get home real safe and looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! Karen x

  • Hils Newton October 7th, 2014 8:20 am

    Thank you for a great weekender………one that kept going right until the very last show.
    Hils x