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The Light That Lights The Way

Posted on October 2, 2014

Af’noon all.

What a day we’ve had here at Douglass Towers.  It all began at around 7.45 this morning, when we had a delivery of new goodies, which I have to admit just about blocked the whole of the entrance to the kitchen.  Now you know us, and The Kitchen has to be the most important room in anyones hoose……innit???…so any blockage in that direction was definitely a non starter.  Then it was straight into Mission Control, so that The Boss could wrap up her prep for the weekend, plus, I had a bit of a play with the new paints in order to provide said Boss with a giveaway….in the form of this…….


…Thats right.  I have sacrificed my very own light from my cell, to pass on to someone out there.  What will I do for illumination???…Well in it’s place please find one three wicked candle, so in those dark winter nights, I can read with one wick, cook me Gruel Surprise with number two, whilst keeping the old toesies warm with the other one…….How cool, or rather hot is that eh??  I have to admit to getting a little carried away doing this, and was totally in me element when the door went again.  This time it was a box of stuff which I ordered for my 26th birthday, last week.  What d’ya mean in my dreams?? ….Blo-dy cheek!  Anyway, as of around ten minutes ago, we had finished shooting a short film, with a much needed cuppa heading into my little paws any time now.

The lamp came from that most well known of Swedish stores.  I made four ‘caught in crystal’ panels, two each of hot and cold colours, with a pinch of glitter.  When cut to size, they fitted behind the glass to provide the background for the silhouette stamps….All coming from the new sets launching this weekend.  Then finally, I stamped and embossed with Black Embossing powder onto another layer of acetate and fitted over the panels, making this rather cool lantern.  Even the candle is included….How good am I to you, eh?

S0 The Boss will be winging her way down to C&C tomorrow afternoon, so that she will miss the usual friday evening rush, with the first of her ‘Weekender’ shows kicking off at 9am on Saturday, so guess who will be loading and stocking the Sheenmobile for the trip….and No!….it’s .not the Springers…..It’s never the Springers.

Anyway, how about another peek at one of the samples which will be featured during the shows….Yes???…Well lets go….through the octagonal window……


…and cop a load of this from Wor Lisa.  What an absolutely beautiful canvas.  This is going on my office wall I can tell ye.  What a story, using new Aquatints, new stamps and a host of techniques.  It is on a 12×16 canvas, I think, and simply blew us away……Inkoids Rock!

And with that, my job for today is done.  I will be back…Oh yes!….tomorrow with the final set of peeks before saturday’s launch, but will hopefully have the gallery posted either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon, depending on how I get on with some very overdue paperwork….sigh!

….My cuppa awaits…..

Bye for now


Gopher (The)


  • Hils Newton October 2nd, 2014 4:50 pm

    Wow, that lamp is superb!
    Being 26 obviously suits you, Goph….great inspiration.
    Looking forward to a weekend fix of Sheena and her
    wonderful demo’s xx

  • Christine Mason October 2nd, 2014 5:46 pm

    All I can say is WOW WOW WOW the lantern is magical, great job. Can’t wait to watch Sheena’s shows over the weekend, TV remote re-programmed to only answer to me lol.

  • Rachel Fisher October 2nd, 2014 6:26 pm

    amazing lamp and amazing canvas – can’t wait to see the shows – will set the tv now – rachel x

  • Karen P October 2nd, 2014 7:18 pm

    Blooming fabulous! Can’t wait to see the new stamps and paints and I am going to be wanting them all! Love, love, love and want, want, want your lantern!
    Can’t wait to see Saturday’s shows! Have a fab weekend and don’t overdo it Gopher – you will need all your strength to unload the Sheenamobile when it returns Karen x

  • Jenny S October 3rd, 2014 10:07 am

    Fab canvas and I luuurve the lamp, a luck person indeed who gets that! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!x

  • Lyn Coogan October 5th, 2014 12:09 pm

    Who said Sheena has all the talent (sorry Sheena) well done Russ. Will be watching while making 85 invitations for some friends wedding! Will need a little treat hmm, how much can I spend?

    Lyn x