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The Wait Is Over….Part 2…..Is Here!!!!

Posted on February 7, 2014

Da da dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Set phasers to stun ( anyone who tries to disturb you while you watch)  Call out the dogs (to stop anyone coming too close to the house) and get those mugs of coffee at the ready.

OK, morning all, and welcome to the ‘Friday Flix’ post that everyone seems to have been waiting for…..Sheena’s ‘Fleather’ part two…The return of the killer technique.  Yes, just when you all thought that it was safe to go back into your craft room, out jumps the next episode in the fleather story.  Now this vid is almost 40 minutes long, and packs in all that you will need to start making those cute little notebooks out of your faux leather covers.  I’ve been through it twice, and have managed to trim the time down from a pretty lengthy 55 minutes to a more healthy 37 ish without missing out any important info or close-ups. The main thing is to take your time for the first one, then once you have completed that one, you get a better idea and can come up with your own shortcuts.  I was hoping to actually get it up and running yesterday, but due to the constraints of non- fibre fast speed broadband, it took from 8am until after 11pm last night to upload… Please Mr BT Man….get the super fast our way as soon as you can!

Before we head over to the vid, here is a list of the ingrediants that you will need to finish the notebooks.

Cotton Fabric….Small patterns are best for this size book

Linen Thread

Darning Needle or something similar

1mm Elastic


Tacky Glue

Copy Paper

Vellum/Laid Paper/Cartridge Paper

So, without further ado, as I know that you are all chomping at the bit…..HERE is part deux in all of it’s glory….

Now if you still need to see the first part, and how to make the faux leather out of Kraft Card and Glycerin…hit HERE.

There goes yet another week at Douglass Towers.  The Boss is off to a meeting later this morning, leaving me all alone in the house.  It’s that time of the year when the old diets start to fly around, and as I have put on a bit of beef over the last couple of months ( Just insulation for the winter, you understand ), it is time to get my maracas out and get started with some exercise.

What was that you say?    Maracas???  You know…those shaky latin thingys that you can use to exercise with……What did you think I meant???………

…Well I didn’t!

Reet, thats moi for this week.  The weekend beckons, but so does more of the wet stuff, so keep safe, dry and crafty, and i’ll see y’all next week.

Bye for now

Gopher (The)


  • Angie February 12th, 2014 4:05 pm

    Hi Sheena

    Thanks for the brilliant faux leather booklet demos. I am definitely going to give
    it a try. Please can you tell me where you got your 1mm elastic cord from? I can only find it in bright colours and not in the vintage tones which you appear to be using in your demos when making the button wrap for the notebooks.

    Also which laid/cartridge paper do you recommend? What weight do you recommend? Does white look better than cream or vice versa.

    Thanks Sheena

    Kind regards
    Angie Wells

  • Patricia February 15th, 2014 2:06 pm

    Hi Sheena,
    Yet another brilliant idea and excellent demo.
    A couple of questions…I don’t have an embosser so can you suggest what I can do on the cover instead? Also is there any reason why the pages are not sewn in together instead of three separate blocks?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards