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From the blog


Back With A….Pop! …. July 23, 2014

…..and WOYWW 268.

Morning all.

Well the heat is on…and not just because the sun is out and bleaching down on everything at Douglass Towers.  No, the heat is on because we are still in the throes (??) of broadband problems, and really have limited access to anything internetty.  Actually, that is wrong…We have all the access that we need, it’s just that everything is so slow to get to that is causing the trouble.  Wor techy mate, James, from Crafter’s Companion managed to sort out the problem with the samples photographs, so I have great pleasure in announcing that the gallery featurimng the new folders and stamps is now alive and kicking for your delectation and delight….’rayyyyyy!  I’m thinking that there must be some problem down at our exchange as I was passing on monday , and I think that half of BT’s fleet of vans must have been parked up.  Our theory is that there is a brand new massive supermarket opening very near to the exchange in the next month, so maybe that is where the problems are coming from, as I would have thought that somewhere like that would want the fastest broadband there is…..We can live in hope.

Anyway….What do you think about the shows so far???   Talk about action packed!  The Boss is heading into C&C at noon today for the next show at 2pm, armed with a host of demos and techniques, aimed at showing off the Embossing Folders to their best.    Ok, now I admit that i’m not always on the ball where techniques and ideas come into play…But using an embossing folder as a stamp!!!!!…What possibilities does that bring into play for future releases eh???  A quick glance at the Gallery will show how much these can be used to create not only your greetings cards and scrapbooking, but also in the creating of beautiful home ware and artistic decoration for your gaff.

You can even disguise your secret bottle of plonk within a craftily constructed box…..a la Donna…..

….with even the inside tissue paper being part of the boxshhhhhhhhh……..


Yeshhh….Nishhhh drop that washhhhhhhhh…hic!

Reet then.  On to todayshhh Whatshhh on workde…….Works deskyshhh Hic!…

Here’s a gander at her deskshhhhhh

Now not a lot going on here at the moment, as The Boss is currently down at C&C, but just off to the left is a plethora of wonderous goodies which in all probability will find their way into her catalogue in the near future…..Interested???  Just keep watching this space….Not all day mind.  I realise that you need to pop to the loo and have some grub and all that.  Just make sure that you are back to your screen as soon as.

HERE is the place to be for more desks and workstop fayre.

Those who are regulars to the blog will know that Mission Control overlooks the Derwent Valley, and late on monday night…..about 10 ish, I was looking over the fields and spotted a small deer lying in the grass, simply minding its own business and checking out some of the sample cards featuring her mates from Sheena’s A5 duo of new stamps.  Then it was hop skipitty jump and she was off down into the woods…….Beautiful!!!…Made my night.

OK, i’ll not push me luck too far, and say trah for today.  The pics seem to have edited and uploaded, so walk quietly away from the PC…….Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Back on friday…….I hope.

Gopher ( Stealth Mode )