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WOYWW 254… April 16, 2014

Well hello again…..

Twice in not just one day, but twice in about 4 hours……At least it was when I began to write.  Sometimes I simply amaze myself…..but not too often.  However today might be one of those times,’cos here we have our weekly check out of what is going on around the world…….In desky form.  Yes folks, its our WOYWW number 253, and as we won’t be here next week, it could be a longun.  So, while The Boss is crafting away down at C&C with her 4DD, here I am, getting Douglass Towers ready for Easter.  Only problem there is that we won’t be here for Easter…at least the start of it, ‘cos as part of her birthday pressies, Sheena and moi are off to sunny……….Austria.  Don’t know about the sunny mind, but a change of scenery….ANNNND….a visit to the locations of Sheena’s favourite film…….The Sound Of Blackboard………Sorry, I meant ‘The Sound Of Music’ of course.  It’s just that it sounds like nails on blaclboard whenever she sings along to it, so that is why I am packing some earplugs….the sound cancelling variety, and a thick Sherlock Holmes hat to doubly (???) secure my peace and tranquility whilst over there.  We set off at the ungodly hour of 2.15 AM……Yes that was AM folks, on Saturday morning, and get back to DT at about the same time next weekend….So brace yourselves for a set of Heidi and Julie Andrews stamps next.

Some of you may know about Sheena’s love of Jules, and has actually met her in London a couple of years ago, when she (Julie) presented Our Hero with a signed DVD…….of Mary Poppins.  A very gracious lady……. and Legend.  Sheena’s close friend ( family really! ) in LA, Sue, is good friends with her agent and managed to get us tickets for her concert and to meet up with her after the show… you can imagine the smile on Wor Sheenies face.

Here is the signed copy of Mary Poppins, which was appropriate, as Sheena was nanny to Sue and David’s two girls all those years ago.

…With a close up of the sentiment and signature.  It has pride of place on the bookshelf…..Wonder why??

Anyway, i’ve gone a bit off piste there, which is something that I hope doesn’t happen next week, or it might be a set of Austrian Hospital stamps with contrasting broken leg motif Embossing Folders going on.

OK, so what gives on the desk front this week campers.  Well as she has been battling away with demo’s and prep for almost two weeks, the place now looks……… an explosion in a craft shop.  The carpet that was once so tidy has now vanished underboxes and sheets of stuff and card.  Guess who will be getting it sorted so that it is ready for her return from Hols??……Moi????……..Nay, Nay and thrice Nay!!!  No, I think that I will entrust that task to the one who did the undoing……I’ll name no names.

I have to be totally honest, mind you, and admit that I was responsible for this……the Faux Leather Tablet Case incident,

which I did this morning, and over on the other desk……that card full of leafy Embossing Folderage is mine as well.  Then on the floor over here, it was I who placed these boxes where they are.

Hang On!!!

It was me all the time.  In a state of sleep-craftery I have made all of this mass mess all by myself,  and NOT The Boss.  Blo-dy He-l, I’d better get me Hilda Ogden pinny and headscarf out and get cracking in case she gets back early.  I will enlist the help of my trusty two Monster Springers, and attach a couple of brooms to their ever waggy tails and the job will be done in no time………I hope.

Now as usual, to check out all of the other desks in the whole world, pop HERE…yayyyyyyyy!

OK, i’d better get meself off and get some work done, as The Boss will be home later this evening, then it’s off to my cousin’s as he has a birthday today, and I have heard that some cakey might be in the offing…….

Back on friday, in time for Easter, then it’s ‘The Hills Are Alive………’ for a week.

Bye for now……” Ha feed the birdsahh…Tuppenza bagaaahhh”

Gopher ( Apple Strudel Van )