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The Peeks Are Here… September 15, 2014

Af’noon all.

So the weekend came……and went like the usual customary wind, and you find moi knee deep…nay, dear readers,  shoulder deep in work.  You should see the stuff that has turned up at Douglass Towers over the last few days.  Some work related…others kitchen relataed, and some…well I don’t know what related, but all I can say is that the garage is well and truly on its way to being full…..Again!  I am seriously thinking of getting a 40,000 ft warehouse and moving all the stuff there……Erm except that there still would’nt be enough room….I think the blo-dy stuff just multiplies during the night, ‘cos there’s always a lot more the following day.  On top of all that, I got  The Boss an old handmade kitchen dresser for her birthday, with the idea of Paint Fusioning it.  Well here we are five months later, and not one singular drop of paint has hit the woodwork, so there’s another job to get out of the way before the man in red hits the chimney.  I could go on and bore you to your very core with all me jobs, but don’t worry, you can feel safe in the knowledge that I could’nt do that to you……..Just yet anyway!!

Before I head off into the total realms of craftery, I would like to add a small footnote to the tragic Manchester Dogs Home story.  HOW BRILL ARE WE??….The British public.  All of that money has been raised in just a few days, to get them back on their feet and continue the work.  If nothing else, those beautiful little souls running around in and out of the clouds, will witness, like a phoenix, the raising of their former home, and all of the help and pleasure it will afford those poor unfortunate doggies who long for a full time home to live in.  I sent my donation, like thousands of others, including Simon Cowell, who is also giving those lads who tried, and succeeded to save as many as possible an incredible holiday break…….Heroes.

Talking about heroes.  Did any of you watch The Invictus Games over the weekend??  I was so humbled, but so amazed.  This should definitely be a regular event.  Rugby, Basketball and volleyball, to name but a few, had me on the edge of me seat….Respect to all those lads and lasses.

Reet, lets see some samples then.  These are some of the follow ups to Sheena’s ‘Little Bit Magical’ sets from a while back, and as well as these images, also include Mermaids, Dragons and Ghostly Galleons, so get out your wands and lets start chanting……..

ABRACRAF…….ABRACREDS……..ABRA…….Ahhhhh, S-d it!…..’Izzy Wizzy, Let’s Get Busy’………..

…with them all coming from Wor Astrid.  See what i’ve done there???…Phoenix….then this…..

…..I don’t just throw these posts together you know!!!  There is a lot of thought that goes into such literary expertise……and if I find some, i’ll use it.  How about this then?  Talk about dramatic.  I love all of the colours used for this beauty….Atmospheric background pushing the image of the phoenix so far forward, it nearly singed me beard off.  A very poignant sentiment as well.

Next we have this……

….A Guardian Angel looking down from high……..

…And for every Angel, we might just have an imp in the form of this Gargoyle…..

…No, I said Gargoyle….Not Mrs Doyle…Gargoyle, yes!   There he is sitting on the roof in the fog…..It could be our roof today, as it has barely got above twilight all day.

I will have the headers posted later in the week, so that you will be able to see what is in the individual sets.  The Boss will be down at C&C this coming friday, which if my trusty year planner is correct, will be the 19th.  It’ll be October before we know it.  She only has the one show, at 9am, so at least she will be home early for once…….Which also means that I will have to be pretty nifty with me duster and vacuum, if I am to avoid any pain or withdrawal of gruel.

Thank you to all who have managed to book up onto the Christmas Workshops.  I will have an update for remaining number tomorrow.  Until then, I bid you adieu for noo.

Gopher (The)